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Submitting your meter readings regularly will help companies keep your consumption up to date. This will mitigate exaggerated estimations that may result in large bills once actual readings are provided to the company by the distributor.

WHAT UTILITIES ARE ESTIMATED AND WHY? Generally, only gas is estimated. Unlike electricity, gas meters do not have a direct communication line to the distribution company. New gas meters have batteries and built-in messing systems that can send readings much like SMS; however, the readings are not always accepted. Technicians will periodically manually read your meter. If the meter is not accessible, the technician may leave a slip in your mailbox with instruction on how to submit your reading.

Electric bills are almost always based on actual readings. In the rare event the communication between the electric meter and distribution company is not working, estimated bills may be received. The distribution company will eventually send a technician to repair or replace the electric meter.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR METER READING: Meter readings can only be submitted to our office between the 27th and before 1200 hours on the last day of the month. We cannot submit your readings to the company before the 27th or after the end of the month. Please consider we are closed on weekends, family days, and holidays; so we must have the opportunity to submit readings from the 27th through the last business day of the month.

Take a picture of your gas meter with the current reading and serial number visible. Be sure the reading taken on or after the 27th of the month you are submitting for and be sure to provide us the image no later 10:00am on the last business day of the month. This will allow our staff time to submit all customer readings to the company within their required window. Send the image of your reading to 31fss.homefuels@us.af.mil. Be sure to include the account holder's name and property address in the email when sending us the photo.

Once we receive the photo, we upload it to the company's web portal. Again, we must have all readings submitted to the company by the last business day of the month.

NOTE: Home Fuels is not responsible for estimated utility bills and does not guarantee the company will use your submitted readings on their invoice. The priority for readings on bills are as follows:
  • Priority 1: a reading provided by the distribution company.
  • Priority 2: a reading taken by the utility company.
  • Priority 3: a reading provided by the client.
  • Priority 4: an estimated reading.
Estimated bills are not billing errors. Companies have the right to estimate utility usage when actual readings are not provided. Should there be valid billing errors on customer invoices, we will investigate the errors with the utility company to resolve any issues. We do have good relationships with utility providers and distribution companies and will advocate for the correction of any billing errors on your behalf, should there be a valid error.

It is the member's responsibility to monitor consumption and to alert home fuels of any irregularities. Make it a habit to document your readings monthly. Periodically, request copies of your Italian invoices at this website so you can verify the accuracy of the consumption you are being billed for. If you notice irregularities or gross differences in estimations versus actual readings, submit your meter readings as indicated above to course correct your invoicing.

RESOURCES: Use the How-to-Read Your Meter link below if you are not sure how to obtain your readings.