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Prior to calling Home Fuels or submitting a request here, use the following information to see if you can resolve your power issue.

STEP 1: CHECK YOUR BREAKER First determine if you have a tripped breaker. Your breaker box will be located after your meter and usually has a main breaker and several smaller breakers that control parts of the house separately. If the main breaker will not stay up, flip down the smaller breakers. Flip the main breaker up to see if it stays up. If it does, flip the smaller breakers up, one at a time, to see which one is causing the main breaker to turn off. Once you have identified the area of concern, try unplugging anything running off that breaker and plug them back in one at a time to see what item may be causing the issue. If you cannot find the issue but are sure it is something related to a breaker, contact your landlord and ask if they can have an electrician assist.

If the breaker box is not the issue, proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2: CHECK YOUR METER Go to your electric meter and see if the lever up. The lever is located below the display.

If it is up, look at your display to see if you can see L1 on the screen in the lower left. L1 indicated a properly functioning meter and you should contact an electrician. If you see an upside-down triangle followed by an exclamation point, you will need to call the special number for assistance. Have an Italian speaking person assist you. The number to call is 803.500. You will need to be in front of your meter when calling and will need your POD number. You can obtain your POD number from your meter. Activate your display and find your Codice Cliente. Your POD number is IT001E followed by your Codice Cliente, minus the last number of your Codice Cliente.

If it is down, flip it up. If it stays up, problem solved. If it falls back down, perform the following:
  • Go back to your breaker and turn off the main breaker.
  • Go back to your electric meter and try to flip the lever up.
    • If the lever stays up, turn on your main breaker to see if electricity come back on.
    • If the lever doesn't stay up, submit the online form below or call 0434-305083, option 1 during operating hours for further assistance.

NOTE: If your lever is up at your meter and there is no power to your meter, see if your neighbors have power. The reason could be scheduled work in the area. Normally, flyers will be posted in the area indicating a scheduled power outage. Furthermore, you can go to the following website: www.e-distribuzione.it (You will need to insert your POD number, located on your Italian invoice. If you do not have an Italian invoice, contact Home Fuels).

RESOURCES: Use the How-to-Read Your Meter link below if you are not sure how to obtain your readings.


If your power is out and the information provided on this page didn't help, call Home Fuels at 0434-305083, Option 1, during normal operating hours. Submit this form after hours so we can track and provide assistance.

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