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Have questions regarding your Home Fuels invoice? We are happy to answer any questions you have. Fill out the request form below to submit your questions or concerns. We will only be able to answer regarding your utilities provided through our office. We will not be able to answer questions outside of natural gas or electricity. Questions regarding water, sewage, trash, or other metered utilities not contracted with our office should be discussed with your landlord or Housing Office.


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  • Why is my bill so high? I wasn't even at home.
    • Billing is generally 2-3 months behind, meaning the consumption you are being billed for was most likely for 2-3 months earlier. Example: A utility bill posted to your account on April will be for January or February consumption.
  • My gas bill tripled! I usually pay much less, now I just received a huge bill. What's going on?
    • Gas bills are often estimated. When actual readings are sent to the company from the distributor, the company will recalculate your consumption and charge you for the previously unbilled consumption.
    • To minimize surprises with large bills due to being underestimated, submit your meter readings periodically so we may pass them to the utility company. Learn more about submitting readings here.
  • I PCS'd 3 months ago, why am I still receiving bills?
    • It takes approximately 2-3 months to receive your final bills from the utility company; although, the company has up to 6 months to review your account and bill you for any unbilled consumption. Example: A member PCS'd in July and has only been billed up to April. The member can expect monthly bills for 3 months to cover May - July; therefore, the final bill should be received by October, but can take longer.
  • I closed my account with you and provided my final readings, why am I being billed past my move-out date and final readings?
    • When you submit your required account closure documents, to request the closure of your utilities with us, we in-turn submit the request for closure to the company. The company submits the closure request to the distributor. The destributor has 5 business days to complete electric closures and 11 business days to complete gas closures.
    • If we are passing the utilities to the next tenant, the company has 5 business days to process our request.
    • If the landlord requested to have the utilities put in their name and delayed this process, you will be billed until they complete the required steps.