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If you are looking for more power because your meter keeps flipping off, this is the right place. But first, make sure it's the lever at the meter that's flipping down and not just a breaker in your breaker box. We wouldn't want you to spend extra money for no reason.

Elec Meter If the lever at your meter keeps flipping down, you are most likely using more than your allotted kilowatts per hour. You can cycle through your display to see your max usage for each of the three periods (A1, A2, A3). If this is the case and you desire more KW/H, complete the Wattage Increase Request form on this page to get started.
Elec Meter If the lever on your meter stays up, but your breaker box has a lever that flips down, it may be an issue with something you have plugged in. Start by flipping down all the breakers, then flip the main one up to see if it stays up. Then, flip up the other breakers one at a time to see with breaker is causing the issue.
REQUIREMENTS: Prior to submitting a wattage increase request:
  • Ask your landlord if the wiring in your home can handle the requested increase. Normally this is true, but it is best to be sure, especially if you live in an old home.
    • The standard wattage at most homes is 3.0 KWH. Wattage increases are usually up to 4.5 KWH or 6.0 KWH.
  • Download, complete and sign the following document:

FEES: There are fees associated with a wattage increase. The fees will be applied to your electric bill by the utility company. Subject to change by the company, the fees are as follows:
  • One-time fee of 75 Euro per KWH requested over 3.0 KWH
    • Example: 4.5 KWH (4.5 - 3.0) = 1.5 x 75 = 112.50 Euro
    • Example: 6.0 KWH = (6.0 - 3.0) = 3 x 75 = 225.00 Euro
  • Monthly fee of 2 Euro per KWH requested over 3.0 KWH
    • Example: 4.5 KWH = (4.5 - 3.0) = 1.5 x 2 = 3.00 Euro
    • Example: 6.0 KWH = (6.0 - 3.0) = 3 x 2 = 6.00 Euro


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