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Use this page if you are out-processing, moving to a new home, or transfering your current utilities to a private contract. Review our process and steps below, then complete the online form below to get started.

ATTENTION: Completing the request form below only initiates your intent to close your utility contract with Home Fuels. The utilities will remain active until we receive required account closure documentation and submit the closure or transfer request to the utility company, or your landlord requests transfer of the utilities under a private contract.

PROCESS: Please follow the steps below in order to stop your utility services with Home Fuels.

STEP 1: Complete the out-processing Request form below. Be sure the information is accurate, specifically your contact information and date you plan to clear your property with the landlord or property manager.

STEP 2: After submitting the form, you will see a details page of your request. Check your email. An automated email will be sent to the email entered in the request form. This email also provides you the details of your request. Be sure to check your spam or junk mail. If you didn’t receive the email after 1 hour, contact customer support at 632-5083, option 1 to verify if we have received your request.

STEP 3: Customer Service will review the information you provided and email you an Account Closure Package. Be sure to follow the instructions in the email. From this point forward, all out-processing actions will continue via email from our organization box to the email you entered in your request, so it is important to enter an email you check frequently.

STEP 4: On the day your clear your residence with the landlord, enter the meter readings on your account closure form. Have your landlord assist your with obtaining your readings if you are not sure how to. It is important to get accurate readings. It is highly recommended to take photos; especially for gas meters. ***NOTE: to avoid extra consumption, close your electric meter and gas meter manually, pending the official closure by the company. You will be billed up to the official closure date and consumption.
  • Electricity: completed remotely and can take 1-5 business days from the time the company receives our closure request. Can take longer if the automated system cannot communicate with the meter
  • Gas Closure: can take up to 10 business days, requires an appointment if your meter is not accessible from the street. If an appointment is required, you must be present. If your meter isn't accessible, you may want to request a gas appointment prior to clearing the home with your landlord. We will try to schedule it after you moved out and prior to clearing your home. Suggest the best date in the additional notes section of the form below. We have no control over appointment dates and times; however, we will do our best.

STEP 5: After you clear your residence, email the required closing documents to 31fss.homefuels@us.af.mil. These instructions will be included in the email we send you. The required documents will be as follows:
  • Completed and signed Account Closure Form
  • Completed and signed EFT form (used for refunds)
  • Photos of meters and readings
  • Copy of Order (PCS/SEP/RET)

STEP 6: Once we receive all the required documents, we will:
  • Process your account closure
  • Submit closure/transfer requests to the company
  • Send you a follow-up email

STEP 7: Follow-up with our office if:
  • You didn't receive an automatic reply from our org box when you submitted your documents
  • You didn't receive the follow-up email with-in 24 hours of submitting your documents
  • You haven't been cleared from vMPF (Air Force)
  • You are unsure and just want to make sure all is good.

STEP 8: Monitor your Starnik account. Italian invoicing is usually 2-3 months behind. It can take up to 4 months for your final bills to be applied. Your program fees will be turned off, but you can still receive late-fees if your bills are past due. Accounts that are 120 days past due will be sent to collections.



If you have metered gas with Home Fuels and require a closure, let us know if your gas meter is inside your property or accessible from the street. You will require a gas closure appointment that must be scheduled in advance if your meter is not accessible. Please advise in the Additional Notes section below.

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