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Italian invoices are often requested by DoD Civilian employees who need to reconcile their utility allowance. For reconciliation requirements, it's always best to consult your CPO or HR office. Anyone with utilities through Home Fuels may request copies of their invoices at any time. Please allow up to 72 hours for Invoice requests. We will compile the invoices and send them via email (i.e. requesting invoice applied to Starnik on a particular month or requesting invoice for consumption during a particular month.


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READING ITALIAN INVOICES: The following list if phraces will help you better understand key elements of your Italian invoice.
  • STIMATA: Estimation. When the company closed the billing cycle and no actual reading were obtained from the distribution company, the bill will read Stimata and is based on an estimation of consumption.
  • RILEVATA: Actual Reading. This occurs when an actual reading is provided to the company. Actual reading may be poresented in three ways:
    • Autolettura: reading provided by the client
    • Lettura Rilevata Venditore: reeading provided by utility company
    • Lettura Rilevata Distributore: reading provided by distribution company
  • STIMATA CALCOLATA SU LETTURA REALE SUCCESSIVA: This is a recalculation of a previously estimated period. This happens when actual readings are obtained. Recalculations can happen often as an automated process to provide better estimations in the future.
  • LETTURA INIZIALE: Billing period begin reading.
  • LETTURA FINALE: Billing period end reading.
  • CONSUMO: Consumption.
  • COEFFICIENTE: The multiplier used to calculate billed consumption based on the reading taken at the meter.